Four keys to decorating a youth room

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4 min readNov 8, 2022

For the youth, their rooms often become a refuge for them, a space they rarely want to leave while at home. In their rooms they rest, study, listen to music, and meet with their friends, among other activities. That is why the decoration of a youth room is important, because this space must, in addition to being attractive, cover all those needs.

How do we do it? How do we decorate the room so that it is functional for each of your needs? At HCDDream Interior Solutions we provide you today with four keys so that the decoration of a youth room does not become a headache. We talk about important colors, furniture, and accessories. And importantly, we are open to being spoken with if you need the services of interior designers in Bangalore, Karnataka in the Indian subcontinent.


Using a neutral color as the base white is a great choice, especially in small bedrooms, but it is not the only color to achieve a bright bedroom. Gray is a very modern color and in its lighter shades, it can play a similar role as white. In addition, it is one of the colors most appreciated by young people to decorate their rooms.

Both gray and white are colors, also very grateful, that this does not limit us when it comes to incorporating notes of color. We can combine them with darker grays, blues, and blacks, colors that well used can help us create depth in a bedroom. Did you know that when applied to a wall they visually tend to push it back? They thus become a very interesting resource to balance very long rooms.

But we can also combine both gray and white with colors that provide notes of color to the bedroom such as yellow, orange, pink, or green. The first two add warmth to the room, as do the wooden furniture, being especially interesting in those bedrooms where white and gray are abused to balance the environment.

The study area

The study area takes on a leading role in the decoration of a youth room. At those ages, it is essential to have a desk where you can do your homework and study for exams. In addition, if you can place some drawers and shelves next to the desk where you can store books and study material, the set will be much more functional.

If you have very limited space, a custom wooden surface may be the best solution to take advantage of all the available space. Custom solutions are a great opportunity to maximize the space of a small or poorly laid out room and a custom wood table top does not require a large outlay.

The shelves can be placed on the side of the desk or on it. It will not be necessary for a depth greater than 25cm. to be able to organize books and folders. And if space is limited to place a drawer unit under the desk, you can always replace them with tall closed modules.

Another very recurrent alternative in children’s and youth bedrooms are perforated panels. If we have enough closets and closed storage solutions, we can color the desktop wall with perforated panels that the young dudes can easily customize to their liking. It is always necessary to give a personal touch to your space.


The storage needs of a teenager are usually great and it is important to make sure that everything has its place. This will make it easier for the space to stay tidy but it won’t guarantee it; In the case of a youth bedroom, it is saying a lot, but not for trying.

In a small youth room, it will be essential to resort to verticality. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets will become great ideas and modular storage solutions are a perfect complement to these. You can place them on the desk, on the bed….

Raised beds with lower drawers are another great solution for maximizing bedroom storage space for the youthful ones. They take advantage of that verticality that we talked about before and provide us with the necessary space to store blankets, books, technological devices, or clothing. And yes, they can also accommodate a second bed for guests.

Another way to get that extra storage space is to build a raised structure in part of the room. A custom structure that includes large drawers. The higher the ceilings, the more play this structure will give you and the more elements it can integrate.

Extra seats

Poufs are always welcome in the youth rooms. Not only do they provide them with a place to listen to music or read, but they also provide an extra seat when gathering their friends. And, as we have already said, the life of a teenager at home takes place in his room.

The slightly rigid poufs that serve as a side table are ideal if space is limited and you want them to also serve as a nighttime meditation. But they are the largest and with backrest poufs the most comfortable to be “lying” on the floor.

Have these keys been useful for decorating a youth room? If you need to decorate your room as a youth or you need to decorate your teenagers’ room, speak with us at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions today.



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